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WINNIPEG TRIP: AUGUST 2023 aka 'the one about the movie I'm producing'

So last week I was in Winnipeg, MB. The place I consider my second home, the last time I was there was in November of 2022 for the Winnipeg #Indigenous #filmmakers collective meet-up. I miss my old home and hope to be back someday soon (permanently). Here is a photo from that event;

(WIFC 8th Anniversary party- a MASSIVE success. Winnipeg, 2022)

FFWD: August 2023, there I was in Winnipeg, with my lover, its the summer and SO much was happening! In the time since the first photo I agreed to sign on as producer of a feature film my wildly talented and crazy good friend Rhayne Vermette was writing/directed titled 'LEVERS'! I was so humbled by her asking to work with me after ColourReversal in March (I'm sure that can be a post moving forward) that it feels like a fever dream to be where we are today.

From August 6th - August 13th we spent the week prepping for the film and it was AMAZING! We feel like we got so much done, I am very excited to work with Rhayne, my previous producing partner Charlene Moore of Fatf*ck (again, a new post for the future AND actual progress with that!) and the rest of the team some of whom I am familiar with!

I love the turn my life has had since moving here in 2020. I left Winnipeg to be with family and for the longest time I was lacking that creativity I had back in Manitoba. Now I feel as though I am back in that headspace and mentally my brain feels like it did back before I moved home, pre-covid and that is exciting because I thought it atrophied and there was nothing I could do to think like that again. Now the more I focus on filmmaking and creativity there feels like no bounds to my mental capacity.

I am going back in September for the first week and I am so excited to be there and ready to explore that old part of myself in new and exciting ways! To be in the thick of it and on a film set again in my second home!

I have a quote from one of my all time favourite shows, Fringe uttered by one of my favourite characters on television, Walter Bishop...

"So much… so much happened here. And so much is about to." -Walter Bishop, Fringe

A view of Esplande Riel bridge from Saint Boniface district in Winnipeg. August, 2023



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