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ODMK Productions!

As I continue to post more and more blogs and media I hope you come back and review my stuff! This page is dedicated to all those who said I was going to make it one day! Who told me it was possible and who wished me well! I am happy to get where I am and intend on continuing to pursue my passion of filmmaking and writing.

On this blog I will redirecct my own post's from Blogger, Tumblr and from my own personal collection of work for everyone to see. I will also be posting photo's and a personal blog that I will update monthly but since this is the only regular blog I will be forsure doing I wouldn't expect a lot of information seeing as I am boring as hell! haha.

I also have a GoFundMe where I am raising money to make YouTube videos and a web series! Please donate and if you cannot donate then share the cause via social media! It would be greatly appreciated. This page was made with the money I've raised so far and I am also making business cards with that money to help me promote myself and my brand!

Have a wonderful summer all!


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