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E P H E M E R A (trailer)

Written, Directed, Animated by and Starring ODMK in his first ever Animated short film was, 'EPHEMERA' was created  for the TQFF's Animation Workshop & premiered at the 2023 Toronto Queer Film Festival.

'Open Mic Night' short film

Written and Directed by ODMK (as Kenneth C. Burns) in 2016 as apart of the National Screen Institutes 'New Voices Program' this short was based on Olly's experiences with Stand up comedy.

 Suite & Sour


Written, edited and co-directed by ODMK during the 2014 Nu Media program.

Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor was an experimental short created during the 2018 'OneTakeSuper8' film challenge for WNDX (Winnipeg Festival of Moving Image) an experimental 8mm / digital (this is the digital version) film which was shot twice in sync with one-another.


Directed by ODMK, this short documentary was created during the 2014 Nu Media program and was a collaboration with fellow alumni Chantelle Sutherland. TW: deals with substance abuse and suicide.


Edited by ODMK during the 2014 Nu Media program in collaboration with director Brianna McKay.

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