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Series: Taming the Fat Black Wolf
Formally known as 'FATF*CK'

Korvan Little-Feather is sassing his way to the top of the Red Hollywood food-chain to
be the first ever two-spirited Cree protagonist on his own television series “High-Rez”
coming soon to a streaming service near you.
The Taming of the Fat Black Wolf, (or TFBW) is an upbeat comedic drama about
Korvan, a larger than life unabashed self-deprecating 300 pound man with an ego as
big as his appetite.
The 8 x 10 minute episodic web-series follows Korvan’s crazy antics as he battles
between changing himself for network executives, streamers, the public, among others
and following his own unique artistic vision. We follow the pygmalion-esk
transformation he attempts to undergo as he, and his writing partner, Nick countdown
to the shoot date of their new series.
This delightfully vulgar and endearingly obscene character takes the audience on a
journey of self-discovery and empowerment on the pursuit of fame and excess.
Korvan Little-Feather is a writer and comedic actor who is given a chance to write a
pilot about his life. However, he realizes that in order to play the part, he must change
everything about himself to be the fictional version of himself.
The first season follows Korvan as he struggles with his commitment of losing 50
pounds, changing his appearance, working on his emotional baggage, and becoming
The broadcasters have given him the chance to play the role of himself if he can get to
the ‘acceptable weight’ by the time it comes to shoot the first season (if that time
actually comes).

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