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So if you are close to me in my personal life you will know a few things about me, I am currently dating my partner Junior Whitefish. I am a filmmaker and (up to August 30th) a night auditor at a hotel in Prince Albert, SK. I also can make social media content when I want too and I am a manic crazy person who overshares (i.e this blog).

Well I like to keep somethings a secret and this one is no different. HELLO WINNIPEG!

June and I at the 'WINNIPEG' sign at the Forks, Winnipeg MB 2023

PREFACE: 3 weeks ago I came to Winnipeg to work on some stuff for a feature film I am producing. I brought my partner and we came via the train. It was a cute trip and we had a great time and I got to do some other work-type things (outside the film I am working on) like attend a (#comedy #television #writing/#producing) workshop, an #Indigenous #Filmmakers Collective meet-up and I tried (VERY HARD) to drop in some folks but post-covid #Winnipeg is VERY different... No one was at work/couldn't find anyone!? Strange, aaanyway...

CAVEAT: I told my partner my head-machinations as we arrived to town (August 7th) "listen, if I can make things happen, like find a job/get a place to live? Then I'll bring you back here and we can come live here... So here I am, here WE are! and DAY 1 of coming was sooooo amazing! Before I get to that I should probably talk about the last two weeks?

After coming back from our first trip to Winnipeg and finding a place to live and realizing my slate of projects, we decided to quit our jobs, I resigned from my gym, and we told the landlord of the place we were staying we would be gone at the end of the month (month-to-month agreements are BOSS) we announced to close family, some friends and co-workers we would be leaving Prince Albert, SK and coming to Manitoba! It was almost 4 years for me since I lived here and June has only visited a couple times with me but I am someone who likes spicy and I was like "okay let's do this" and we did! It was scary, but I was happy that we did.

FIRST/PREAMBLE: We actually arrived on Wednesday (August 30th) BUT I don't think that counts. We just got to town and took all the stuff from June's grandparents (Lorie and Greg who BTW I could NEVER say enough nice things about especially for brining us and letting me keep their baby with me! :) ) truck and stored them and then basically crashed out.

UPDATE: I was supposed to finish and post this blog a MONTH after I arrived in Winnipeg BUT it has been two... For those of you who do NOT know I have been busy producing, writing, editing, directing, acting and promoting work for the projects I have on the go. I literally have no time and I wanted to send this out so I could begin working on a new blog!

Sorry if this post seems like it ended rather suddenly. I am currently just trying to catch up with everything :) If you want to know more about what I was going to post about this let me know and I can always add a part 2!



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