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Work Docs

This is a complete list of work I've done so far in my already vast career spanning over 2 decades despite being 33. One may think that some of this is un important but I believe every experience brings something new to the table that I have to offer. No project, role or title is "too small" and I handle each one of my added projects as a testament to that.

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* this document is my most recent FILM CV/resume for my professional career- I will also provide my external resume (outside of film and television)


* Outside of film, television and media I have a varied history of work that spans from my first job in 2006 to 2023. I have extensive work within my community as well as in the communities of my choosing. James Smith being my homefire as well is calling Winnipeg my second home and places inbetween such as Melfort, SK and Prince Albert, SK.

'Going Red' Co-Written with Rhayne Vermette (tentative 2024)

During their time together at the ColourReversal, Rhayne and Olly had expressed interest in working together. Rhayne had asked Olly if he would be open to collaborating on a project inspired by one of her favourite filmmakers. The project 'Going Red' was born out of those first couple of meetings and is in development with a 18-page first draft outline written.

Screenplay royalty free stock photo_edit

CEASE Written and Directed by ODMK (2025)

Starting as an unreleased short story back in 2015 'CEASE' is a planned feature film written and directed by ODMK about the life of an unremarkable person who no longer wishes to be in this world. When a supernatural being shows themselves and offers a pain free but also somewhat terrifying way to achieve this, the protagonist must decide "stay alive and unhappy? Or cease to exist..."

screenplay royalty free image 2.jpeg

8th Street Menace starring ODMK (as Olly King) 2024

Mitchell 'Menace' Dubious a Metis wrapper from Saskatoon dreams of becoming a famous rapper. With the help of his cousin Olly (a fictional version of himself) the two set off on an adventure that will redefine their relationship and test the bounds of their friendship and love for one another. (Synopsis written by ODMK)

Olly and Menace_edited.jpg
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